bulger reservoir

chris and i spent the weekend with my grandparents at their cabin. although we didn't have utah fishing licenses {shhh, don't tell} my grandpa let us fish anyway. we spent the majority of the day at a little pond called bulger. for the first couple of hours we watched as everyone around us reeled in nice sized fish while we couldn't even get a bite. i was hot and frustrated and just wanted to catch a fish. i handed my rod to my grandma so she could fish for a bit and the very first cast into the water she had a fish on the line. i was so mad. soon after, she had another one. my grandpa was next to catch a fish. chris and i kept looking at each other in disgust. it wasn't fair! my grandpa cast the line and handed it to me "here you sit in this fishing chair and you'll catch a fish" sure enough after a little while of sitting in the fishing chair i had a yank on my line. i reeled in the line to reveal a little rainbow trout. yippee. chris looked at me with a sad face. he's the only one who hasn't gotten a fish yet. after a few more fish caught by my grandpa, chris finally feels a pull on his rod. he reels it in to find a small fish, probably the smallest one we caught all day. my grandpa caught a few more fish and once we ran out of worms we headed back to the cabin with 9 fish.