thacker reunion

chris and i drove out to moon lake in easter utah for the thacker family reunion over the weekend. it was a nice time. i was definitely grateful andra {chris's sister who is my age} and sharlie {his cousin, also my age} were there. i got to know them a little better which was nice so i didn't have to hang out with all of chris' aunts. my favorite parts about the reunion? i would have to say it was a tie between the bracketed horshoe tournament {this was the march madness of horshoes}, and peeling 3 5-lb bags of potatoes for our part of the "big dinner". just kidding. i really did have a great time, though, especially when chris and i woke up early and rode our new bikes up to the lake damn a few miles from camp. we saw where the water was flowing out into the river. chris started throwing rocks into the water rushing out of the damn and it was so cool to watch/hear it get pushed by the water. it almost sounded like a shotgun going off. all in all it was a fun weekend and we definitely stayed warm in our little {chris would probably emphasize little} 2-man tent.


The Original Fred said...

There you go swearing at your new bike again.