orem library

i was so proud of myself last week. i made a list of books i wanted to read by the end of the summer. here are some of the titles:

  1. twilight {stephanie meyer}
  2. secret life of bees {sue monk kidd}
  3. kite runner {khaled hosseini}
  4. the secret {rhonda byrne}
  5. the time traveler's wife {audrey niffenegger}
  6. the memory keeper's daughter {kim edwards}
  7. the snowflower and the secret fan {lisa see}
  8. water for elephants {sara gruen}
there were a few more, but their titles are really long, and i'm kinda lazy. anyway, so i went to the public library after work, excited that i would be leaving with all of these little gems {or at least as many as i could check out} i plopped down at the library computer and typed in the first title. every single copy was checked out. i reserved a copy only to find that i was 135th on the waiting list...great. i typed in the next title. same thing...all copies checked out. i proceeded through my entire list and found one book, ONE! that had not been checked out. a grabbed it {water for elephants} along with some other random finds, and headed to the checkout desk rather annoyed. so, if anyone has a free alternative to library books let me know because i don't think i can wait for my number to be called if i'm 135 on the list {summer will be long gone!}