living in a tent, down by the river

chris and a few of his basketball friends rallied together on a basketball team to play in the utah summer games this weekend. in order to avoid the expenses of staying in a hotel/eating out, we decided to bring our camping gear and camp instead. we went down to cedar city with brandon and becca, who had been to the tournament the year before. we ended up camping just off the road by a river. we took the malibu offroading so we didn't have to walk back and forth with our things each time we needed something in the car. luckily we didn't do any damage to the bottom of the malibu but there were a couple times the back wheel was off the ground {i know this because chris made me follow alongside the car while he drove} in between the games on friday we headed back to the campsite and lounged in the river {the boys said it was like sitting in an icebath, perfect for their aching muscles}


bec said...

that is a great blog title.